Há sempre uma identidade irresistível e romântica presente no drama e no caos passional das emoções mais selvagens. O caos não tem necess...

Blind Girls: The beauty & The fury

Há sempre uma identidade irresistível e romântica presente no drama e no caos passional das emoções mais selvagens. O caos não tem necessariamente de ser ilógico, desorganizado e desagradável, pelo menos no que à música diz respeito, pois há uma precisão criativa mas matemática nas composições, letras com versos que exalam sentimentos genuínos e uma entrega vocal que mexe com o mais profundo do nosso íntimo. BLIND GIRLS é uma banda da Gold Coast na Austrália de influências punk e screamo que editou recentemente o LP RESIDUE. Um trabalho intenso, frenético e extremamente apaixonante que nos fez querer saber mais sobre a banda.

There is always an irresistible and romantic identity in drama and the passionate chaos of the wildest emotions. Chaos doesn't always have to be illogical, desorganized and unpleasant, at least when music is concerned because there is a creative but mathematical precision in the melodies, lyrics with verses that exhale genuine feelings and vocals that stir the deepest emotions within us. BLIND GIRLS is a band from the Gold Coast in Australia with punk and screamo influences that has recently released the LP RESIDUE. An intense, energic and very passionate work that made us want to know more about the band.

Q: We listened to your previous work, but there isn’t a lot of info about you on the internet. We know that the band was formed in 2013 but how did you meet?
Blind Girls - 4/5 of the line up grew up together at the same school. We have been friends since we were kids all living in the Gold Coast area. We first met Sharni at a house show at Marks in 2010. We had bands going between us 2009- 2012. 

Q: After about 3 line up changes in BG, it was right to have Julian join to make the core of the band the 4 of us in 2014. 
BG -  We released 2 E.Ps, 1 split, toured Australia multiple times and toured Japan as a 4 piece with Liam on vocals + guitar. 2014 - 2017. Sharni had been eager to form a band herself and we thought it would be a cool idea for her to join us and do vocals in late 2017. 

Q: Your music is heavily influenced by punk and screamo. What other genres have you listened to while growing up?
BG - We grew up listening to music in the late 90’s/00’s on an Australian Music TV show called ‘Rage’. The show played chart music, the genres varied in that era so we heard a bit of everything. We first heard a more alternative sound through Skateboarding + Surfing videos and the Tony hawk video game soundtracks. We also enjoy electronic music and hip hop. Punk music is what we gravitated towards even though we heard a wide variety of sound/styles.

Q: Exertion has a beautiful melodic base amidst all the aparent chaos. Like the rest of the songs of the LP there is a perfect mix of brutality and beauty. What do you consider to be the most important source of inspiration for this kind of unique balance?
BG - Screamo as a sound/style has a big influence on our approach. To us screamo has the best of everything when it comes to extreme music with emotion. To us it can have technicality and intricacies, it can be raw and energetic, It can be emotional and cathartic, It can be violent/intense but also delicate/vulnerable. Playing honest music that shows our best as musicians is important to us. Feelings from our personal experiences in our lives has a way of influencing us in our approach but also bands like - pg99 and Beau Navire are hugely influential to our sound.

Capa do álbum Residue

Q: The cover art for your LP is both intriguing and appealing. Who made it and what did you want to convey with it?
Ben - Thank you. I made the artwork or ‘re-appropriated’ an existing freeze frame image from a film. It’s from the film Un Chien Andalou. All the imagery from that film is all super appealing. What I wanted to create was something that was intriguing without too much complexity, all whilst achieving a certain aesthetic. I wanted convey some sort of uneasy, distorted imagery that I felt worked with the sound that the album had. My main priority was making something that looked good enough as I’m super basic and amateur when it comes to art and graphic design.

Q: Your lyrics are somewhat poetic and introspective. Are there are any writers that you consider to be of a relevant influence?
Sharni - I read a lot so it’s hard to say what would be a direct influence. I’d like to think that Homer and Sartre have an impact on my writing through Homer’s writing style and Sartre’s existentialism, they are both incredible writers.
Mark - My favourite lyricists is Robert Smith (The Cure), his lyrics are beautiful.

Q: We know that you made a Japan tour with Komuso and Sans Visage. How was that experience and to what countries did it motivate you to play in next?
BG - The tour was fantastic! The best part about it was touring with Kou (drums - Sans Visage) he did such a great job booking everything and he is such a positive person to hangout with. Sans Visage killed it everytime, they are an amazing band. As a 3 piece they have such a great/big sound. They are very talented musicians. Yohei (Guitar/vocals) absolutely shreds. Check out their new record ‘Moments’! Liam (Blind Girls) recorded it. Komusō - are somewhat of a supergroup! A member of Careless (Sweden), members from 5000, Bug and Capelight. All of those are also excellent bands. They were super raw/intense and had some of the best vocals of the tour between Hiro (Guitar+vocals) and Makito (Guitar+vocals). All great guys and it was a pleasure to tour with them! Japan is such a special place for us, it’s a blast everytime. We would love to tour Europe, Canada and the USA in the future. 

Q: If you could chose a film director (dead or alive) to write and shoot one of your videoclips, who would you choose?
BG - David Lynch! To us just hearing the opening note of the Twin Peaks theme song instantly brings in such deep feelings and themes from the TV series to mind. We are big fans of his work.

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