PRIMORDIAL @ swr barroselas metalfest (interview with Alan "Nemtheanga") May 2015

Can we, the West, be blamed for what is happening in the Middle East and North Africa?

...It's complicated because, obviously, if you take the Middle East, Europe has an incredible complex part to play in propping up Shah's and propping up families and religious figureheads who are extensively, who were tyrants you know?!? But having said that, I was arguing this, during the weekend, if you, you look on the birth of IS it comes from Wahhabism, you know which is a fundamental religious belief that goes back to the 19th century, which has nothing to do with what people in the West were doing. It is a fundamental difference.
by Alan "Nemtheanga" from Primordial

Video Maker | Video Editor: Priscilla Fontoura
Journalist | Sound Capture: AndrĂ© Vieira
Text edition: Claudia Zafre