Zegema Beach Records has released three records this January that are charged with energy and emotion. Zegema Beach is highly devoted to s...

January ends with a Screamo Good time

Zegema Beach Records has released three records this January that are charged with energy and emotion. Zegema Beach is highly devoted to screamo and post-hardcore and these are some fine pearls of the mentioned genres. 

Rutka Laskier – Protiklady
Rutka Laskier comes from the Czech Republic and their name is also the name of a polish girl victim of the Nazis that wrote a journal of her survival during that terrible epoch in history, much like Anne Frank did. Protiklady is their latest record and it opens up with Klaun, a song that starts up with some timid chords that build up and flourish into some heavy melodies that never cease to amaze escalating in both fierceness and emotion. These two qualities echoe all through the 8 songs that make up this LP. The songs dabble between post-hardcore and pure screamo. Jupiter, the third track of the LP, sets off with rich atmospheric guitar passages that back up some very emotional vocals but soon the melodies start to get more complex and heavy. Padena, the seventh song on the record is also a very good example of the excellent melodic math-like guitar work done by the band. Vitava, the last song is very introspective, melodic and sorrowful building up in a crescendo of a nice fusion between hardcore and screamo. This a record that has a lot to offer for fans of screamo and polished hardcore. 

Nuvolascura – Nuvolascura

If you are feeling sleepy and don’t want to or maybe a bit worn down, it’s time to pop this record in and make yourself comfortable but perhaps not too much. Nuvolascura come from Los Angeles in the USA and play a pure form of screamo that will make your adreline run high. However, not everything is pure and unfocused energy, on the contrary, the amount of energy is indeed very high but also pretty focused going from more atmospheric interludes and to some mathy influenced kind of guitar work. The vocals are even more inspired making the songs seem deep, emotional and filled with admirable anguish. The lyrics deal with some difficult themes as well in which, you may find some closure about whatever problem/s it is you are facing in life or help you reflect more about them. It comes in plagues of consciousness is a fine example of the visceral and amazing melodic work done by this band, it does sound calm at first but it escalates and end with notes of controled chaos and frenzy. Vow of silence is an instrumental guitar interlude, peaceful and somewhat shy that gives quite an entrance to the excellent songs, Half Truth, here the emotions run raw in a melodic extravaganza. Also, Zen Depression, has the kind of composition and timing that shows how screamo can be pretty creative and run away from used up formulas. This is an LP that will surprise may screamo fans.

Modern Rifles – LP + B SIDES

Listening to Modern Rifles is an experience on it’s own. They seemed to have created and developed their own kind of sound, a rare feat for a band. After listening to this record, I was amazed that they were not more well-known. The music speaks for itself. The emotional vocals, the methodic but creative style of composing, the unpredictability of the melodies and the raw passion that permeates the fourteen songs on this LP. United lead, one of the songs of the record, is unforgettable due to it's melodic qualities, spectacular guitar work and vocals that are filled with harmony. It's a great song amidst all the wonderful songs that rock this record. Illegal Dracula!!! is a fun song that has the Modern Rifles kind of sound and crazy creativity written all over it. All the fourteen songs are great and a real pleasure for the ears. A treasure. If you are feeling low or bored and can't seem to find a band that will surprise and captivate you at the same time, please do try this record.

All the records are available at Zegema Beach's bandcamp and online store.