From the depths and atmosphere to the frenzied riffs. Here are three LP’S that will fulfill your riffing needs. BINARY – Commit more Ar...

Zegema Records: Beware the Riffs of March

From the depths and atmosphere to the frenzied riffs. Here are three LP’S that will fulfill your riffing needs.

BINARY – Commit more Arson

Binary hail from Philadelphia in the USA and play ferocious emoviolence. Emoviolence is usually typecasted as the result of combining powerviolence with screamo and it’s well known for the short duration of the songs, blast beats and new methods of screaming and singing. Binary takes a new approach to the genre and manages to deliver 9 songs on the total running time of around 12 minutes. Commit more Arson is their debut LP and it’s packed with raw emotions, addictive riffs and engaging vocals. Even though the short duration of the songs (clocking below the three minute mark) they never manage to get too generic or uninteresting. They blend the frenzied riffing and drumming to the cathartic style of vocals, managing to offer a bunch load of different emotions and moods, since every song sounds distinctive and unique.

NIONDE PLAGAN – Reflektion

Nionde Plagan are a three-piece from Sweden, they blend with prowess several different genres like post-rock, screamo and post-hardcore with some dashes of atmospheric sludge. Reflektion is their latest LP that packs 8 songs that manage to be both atmospheric, filled with different moods and a well conceived kind of rawness. The riffs carry different textures that allow for some introspective moments but are also packed with enough energy to offer the songs different and interesting layers. It’s an intense LP that has its grace on the ability to deliver a broad range of emotions and that is a little bittersweet when combining the melancholy of the more atmospheric passages and the rawness of the more fast and abrasive moments.

Dim Into Dross – Spectres of indifference

Dim Into Dross are a three-piece from the USA. Energic and irreverent are some of the trademarks of this LP. Specters of indifference packs 9 songs that hit you like a whole lot of shots of strong black coffee. It’s a curious blend of screamo, hardcore, some little bit of punk here and there and a slight grindcore inclination, so the result is bombastic as expected. The instruments follow the frenzied and raw vocals along the way and some discordant riffs blend in with some harmonious passages as is the case in the song Osidian (one of the more lenghty songs but below the three minute mark). It’s an enjoyable LP that will interest the fans of engaging and ecletic screamo.

All the records are available at Zegema Beach's bandcamp and online store.