Zegema beach records brings us three records that are unpredictable yet melodic bringing moods and textures that will make for a more inten...

Zegema Records: The sonic textures of April

Zegema beach records brings us three records that are unpredictable yet melodic bringing moods and textures that will make for a more intense spring. 

IEATHEARTATTACKS – Please just dance death + Hello Cole Porter

Screamo and hardcore go hand in hand in a merrily paved sonic avenue in this record by IEATHEARTATTACKS.

IEATHEARTATTACKS are a three-piece from Norway. This record compiles the Hello Cole Porter EP and the Please just dance death LP in an harmonious 12 song offering.
The pavement is set up with the first song, LIAR, a killer song that manages to be catchy and aggressive at the same time. It sets the tone for the remaining record. Songs that are short in duration but abrasive and complex composition wise. REFUGE TROPICANA with its addictive riffing and unpredictable songwriting is a gem of a song that translates all the inventiveness and creativity that this band is capable of. DROWING IS MY NEW FAVOURITE THING is perhaps one of the most catchy songs on the record. Captivating riffs and chorus makes the song a bullseye on the catchyness department. It’s all about frantic melodies, catchy but bold chorus and unpredictable songwriting. Norway’s IEATHEARTATTACKS is a fine listen for those that want to walk the way of hardcore inspired screamo but still want to get their piece of ear candy.


Eris is the goddess of chaos and discord in greek mithology and she represents discord and contention. She is somewhat of a rebel that marches on her own drums and that rebellious spirit and personality is certainly present in APOSTLES OF IRIS. Created by Jesse Mowery in the USA, APOSTLES OF ERIS creates an atmosphere that is both smoothing and rebellious. There is definitely a darker element to this kind of screamo, it’s not as straighforward as other bands and it definetely will take you on an enjoyable and sometimes melancholic voyage. The moods are clearly defined but will surprise us at times such as in the song THE EYE that fuses the abrasiveness of screamo with the more calmer and dreamy aspect of post-rock creating an instrospective and interesting dynamic within the song. Impressive is the songwriting as well as all instruments were played by Jesse Mowery and with the invaluable collaboration of David Norman in the vocals, creating a fierce and emotional duo on the vocals adding even more texture to the songs. It’s a wild ride on a somewhat darker version of screamo.

Raining fills the second half of this split with its bland of aggressive yet experimental kind of screamo. Some of its members also used to play with David Norman in a band called Emö Lendvai. The originality rank is topped once more with the inclusion of instruments that are not typical in this musical genre. If there is indeed some beauty in chaos, Raining can certainly be made an example. The vocals sometimes give into a mood that is both melancholic and brutal. The song TWO MIRRORS is a perfect example of this frantic melancholy with its beautifully layered melodies created by acoustic guitars that give an impressive background to spoken word The song is haunting and dreamy and serves as an interlude to the chaos that had been king so far. SLEEPY ERNST has some experimental tinges that serve the song very well and keeps us in the dark from what will come up next.
The split manages to be intriguing and to serve the musical needs of those that want a bit more melancholic and experimental edge to their screamo.

RAYLEIGHLast word 

RAYLEIGH comes from Canada and play an absolute smashing straightforward kind of screamo. Energetic, bold and unpredictable at several times, RAYLEIGH proves that speed and emotion go good together. The record is comprised of four songs that are somewhat short in duration but manage to transpire different moods. BLOOD LETTER is a song that starts in a mysterious tone but then soon blooms into an avalanche of heavy riffs, powerful drumming and emotional raw vocals. It serpentines between frantic and unpredictable riffing establishing an energetic vibe that is followed in LAST MECHANICAL ART, a song that starts strong and has some calmer passages in the midst of the sonic chaos. SUN STEALER is the shortest song of the bunch and unites emoviolence with screamo, the melancholic tone of the guitars blend in with the more abrasive style of screamo playing. DIAMONDBACK closes the record with an intense song that combines complex and atmospheric riffs with the powerful and emotional vocals.
Standing with 4 intense songs, LAST WORD is a treat for those that want their screamo with strong tinges of emoviolence.

All the records are available at Zegema Beach's bandcamp and online store.