SWALLOWS NEST - Swallows Nest Fast music and intense emotional outflows are welcomed and praised in the underground’s spectrum. No ...

Zegema Records: The Hybrid Sounds of June

SWALLOWS NEST - Swallows Nest

Fast music and intense emotional outflows are welcomed and praised in the underground’s spectrum. No matter the short duration of the song, the emotions that prevail tend to overlast its clocking time. This is what happens with Swallows Nest's final release. After collaborating in splits with bands such as Snag and Crowning, this band from Dunedin in New Zealand brings up this fiery combo of 4 powerful songs.

A very dynamic duo of vocals by Dave Norman and Lana Arun carry the songs and gives them a different edge and approach to screamo as a genre. The melodies are both technical and addicting with free-flowing riffing that also bears an unpredictable element, since there is a lot of progression and variation within the riff’s sctructure.

It’s a very passionate kind of screamo with some progressive elements that stand out and carry different types of emotions and moods. 

Swallows Nest will be touring europe this summer alongside their fellow band Crowning.

мятеж Riot/Mutiny

An intense yet deep excursion into the domains of powerviolence and emoviolence that is the combination of the talents of two musicians, Chris Story (member of Yaphet Kotto, Makara and The Anasazi) and Dave Norman (member of Swallows Nest, Apostles of Eris and The world that summer). Chris Story plays all instruments and Dave Norman provides the vocals. The release is composed of two songs, June and July, life over die and Sectumpsempra.

June and July, life over die opens up in a grandiose way with fast vocals and riffing and then turns itself into more atmospheric passages reminiscent of post-rock sensitivities, this balance between agressiveness and introspection works really well within the song, making it more progressive and somewhat unpredictable.

Sectumpsempra opens up with a quote from the movie Liar, Liar and soon blossoms into a bombastic melody that has some strong grindcore leanings, that blasting beggining is soon intertwined with semi-acoustic passages that are accompanied by low-fi screaming.

This short release may be of interest to those that seek a sound that is both brutal and instrospective.

VALTIEL- Human Error 

From Seattle (USA) comes this fresh new band that just released their debut LP, Human Error. Featuring members from Save Bandit, Ketamine Cat, Itemfinder and Counter/Balance, the band manages to create a sound that is enthralling and based upon several influences ranging from post-hardcore, punk, extreme metal and screamo.

The release is composed of 5 mighty songs that may atest to the notion that mixing several genres can be a fruitful endeavour.

The first song starts off with a soundclip from the movie Cube and then blast us off into infinity with raging drums, frantic riffs and passionate raspy vocals that sometimes blossoms into mathcore moments. The first song is just a taste and introduction to the beautiful chaos that follows.

Valtiel comes across as a very adventurous band that is not afraid to tackle several genres creating a bombastic and thrilling release that will appeal to some of the fans of more extreme music.

All the records are available at Zegema Beach's bandcamp and online store.