JOLIETTE – Luz Devora Luz Devora is the latest LP by the Mexican band Joliette . They gained some publicity after being banned f...

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JOLIETTE – Luz Devora

Luz Devora is the latest LP by the Mexican band Joliette. They gained some publicity after being banned from entering the USA for undisclosed reasons. Luz Devora is armed with 12 songs of a beautifully crafted hybrid of screamo, post-hardcore and mathcore. The riffs are as catchy as they are complex and the vocals passionate and melodic. 

There are delicate and atmospheric passages reminiscent of post-rock that blend easily into the more complex textures of math-rock, the urgency of screamo and the chaotic melodies of post-hardcore. Luz Devora has nothing formulaic about it, it conveys a spirit of creative experimentation without losing its intensity and aggressiveness. The structures and melodies are very well-thought out and executed, leaving the listener in a state of sonic bliss that happens when the band succeeds in creating melodies and compositions that have different layers and passages. There is a lot of room for the metamorphosis of moods and emotions in Luz Devora.

A delicate and multi-layered record that will appeal to those that like the genres mentioned above and don’t mind a bit of variety and experimentation. 


Four bands. Four songs. A high-spirited compilation that manages to both surprise and engage us in hardcore-inspired screamo. Life in Vacuum, Canyons, Crowning and Hundreds of AU are the bands featured in this intriguing and energic release that is part of a 4-way series by Zegema Beach Records and The Ghost Is Clear

Nine to five by Life in Vacuum is the first song that carry us away immediately with its captivating riffs and addicting chorus. It’s both catchy and unpredictable and sets the mood for the rest of the release. Storing Light by Canyons induces a slower and heavier kind of mood, that is crushing and mellow at the same time. Visceral Ghost by Crowning is the shortest song on the compilation and it’s a sonic attack on the senses, with anguished vocals and expansive riffs, we are filled with the poetic aggressiveness that is the trademark of screamo. Hundreds of AU were the elected band to close this compilation, and they do it masterfully. Out in the streets – Elevator music is a song of that manages to be both progressive and catchy. 

#1 Bond is a powerful introduction to the series Meditations in Affinity


Coma Regalia from the USA are one of the most prolific bands in the screamo scene. With 9 years of existence and reaching a number of approximately 30 splits and four LP’S, they release their latest LP, Vau Faelgoh. Speedy, emotional and cathartic screamo that manages to be both engaging and intense.

The song dynamics are quite fast and there are a lot of pattern changes that match the anguished and emotional vocals to a tee. There is a very strong duality between melody and chaos that add layers of emotional depth to the songs. 

A release that will satisfy those that crave pure-classic sounding screamo with a very distinct and dynamic edge. 

All the records are available at Zegema Beach's bandcamp and online store.

Text: Cláudia Zafre
Label: Zegema Beach Records