DREI AFFEN – Seguimos Ciegxs Drei Affen come from Spain despite their german inspired name that means three wise monkeys, an emb...

Zegema Records: Symphonies for the quiet ones

DREI AFFEN – Seguimos Ciegxs

Drei Affen come from Spain despite their german inspired name that means three wise monkeys, an embodiment of the proverb: “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. 

Seguimos Ciegxs is their latest record and it’s an explosive and piercing mix of screamo’s raw enery and the darker moods of crust. 

Lyrically the band chooses to express themselves in Spanish and it adds an extra layer of dynamics to the instrumentation, there is also a harmonious component brought by the duo of female and male vocals. 

The first song, Seguimos Ciegos, starts off with some quotes from the movie Bold Native (2010) directed by Denis Henry Hennelly a film that revolves around the animal liberation movement. “What is freedom? Are we born free or do we earn it? And if you deny freedom to the quiet ones, those who have no voice, can you be free yourself? Or are you caged by your own lack of compassion?” Pertinent questions to ponder as we blast away on a swirling wheel of energic and passionate screamo that gives way to some calmer and darker passages.

That balance between melancholic serenity and raw energy is achieved quite beautifully all through the 6 songs of the record. 

Drei Affen scream and sing for the oppressed, being the voice of the quiet and more silent ones. 

BLUE YOUTH - EP + 2 songs 

Blue Youth is a trio from Canada that gained some deserved recognition after their debut LP, Dead Forever. A frenetic blend of 90’s noise rock with some post-hardcore, punk and screamo elements make Blue Youth a creative and interesting band in the modern alternative scene. 

This EP has 2 songs, Deaf Mode and Two Faces that were recorded “live off the floor” and that join forces with the other 5 songs that make up this self-titled EP. 

The Power, The Screw, The Enemy, The Past and The End are the other fabulous five. Constructed on a 90’s vibe but incredibly fresh and relevant, Blue Youth manages to be indie and abrasive at the same time. Highly melodic and with a creative approach to the chorus and verse structure, the songs are pleasing to those that want to feel that long lost 90’s vibe but also want to enjoy the modernity of the present. 

Blue Youth makes us rage and scream along at the top of our lungs while we headbang endlessly to these noisy but extremely melodic tunes. Highly recommended for fans of 90’s noise rock with a different edge.

Text: Cláudia Zafre
Label: Zegema Beach Records