Genre:  psychedelic, garage, lofi, electronic Album:  Split Tape #1 Release Data:  20th of February, 2020 Label:  We don't make it r...

SPLIT TAPE #1 - Perrine3000 & Reverberation Club

Genre: psychedelic, garage, lofi, electronic
Album: Split Tape #1
Release Data: 20th of February, 2020
Label: We don't make it records 

Image by Sarah Mathon

Altered states of conscience are not obtained solely by the use of psychoactive substances, since there are other tonics which are sonic in their nature and allow us to “travel” through different streams of reality, visiting or revisiting spaces that are part of our imagination or ancient ones hidden in the temple of our memories. 

Maybe that’s why there is a musical genre that was coined as space rock or other familiar terms. 

The Swiss record label from Fribourg, We don’t make it Records releases the first album of a series called SPLIT TAPE with the collaboration between two solo projects. Reverberation Club and Perrine3000 that both contribute with 4 themes each. The main objective of this series is to release the solo work of musicians that play, record and produce in home-studios. 

Reverberation Club is a solo project from a musician born in the Swedish countryside that has moved to Leipzig (Germany), starting off by producing electronic music until finding his calling in the electric guitar. His path opened up to repetitive and hypnotic rhythms with intense distortion that either leads to gloomy and heavy atmospheres as ethereal and crystalline. 

The 4 themes by Reverberation Club are entirely instrumental and authentic musical movements of a space voyage, landing in mysterious planets with infinite possibilities for exploratory adventures. 

Perrine3000 comes from Fribourg (Switzerland) and is the solo project of Perrine Bergier that is involved in other bands such as, Adieu Gary Cooper and Azur3000 (with Laure Betris and Léonard Arleon). The 4 themes form a gigantic mosaic of varied ambiances that are deeply sustained by the effects of the guitar (sometimes we can hear the subtle vibration of the bronze chords), in the analog synthesizers that provide an alien and almost danceable atmosphere and the feminine and male vocals with echo that together create an ethereal and sunny harmony, like a summer in a distant and unknown planet. 

This first release from the series SPLIT TAPE joins two solo projects that despite being different create a cosmic and hallucinatory homogeneity.

Image by Charlotte Michele Ernst


- When and how did you start Reverberation Club? 
There wasn’t any real point in time where it came to be, but I got my electric guitar maybe two years ago, and about a year later I moved to Leipzig, got my Casiotone and subsequently recorded the majority of the songs that make up the split tape. Last month I got some friends together, and we’re shaping the project into a 5-piece. 

- What projects/bands would you say are your biggest influences? 
Although I wanted to get one for quite some time, I sort of decided to buy my guitar after listening a lot to Tess Park’s records, mostly I Declare Nothing. I like a lot of minimalistic and repetitive stuff, may it be minimal electronic music (like Alex Cortex’s EP RAW) or Spacemen 3. Naturally also other musicians and loose people around me. Like Leopardo, I always felt quite inspired and motivated after our rare but intense jams. 

- Your music has quite a cinematic approach. If you intended to make a videoclip what filmmaker would you pick? 
Yeah, I’ve heard that before. I’m really not very much into film myself, and as it sometimes seems that I’m obsessed with staying in control of the full spectrum of my output, I guess I’d pick… myself? Or just about anyone with whom a mutual appreciation for our respective work would exist.


- When and how did you start playing music?
I was thirteen when I felt the need to play music. My parents were winemaker in a small village so they didn’t have much time for music or anything like that. That came from me and I was the only one in my class who listened to stuff like Bob Dylan, The Beatles or Nina Simone. But, little by little, I met some people who had the same interest and in 2007 we started « Perrine et les Garçons », a garage, country, punk band which became « Adieu Gary Cooper » a few years later.

- 3000 seems to be a recurrent number for you, is there any background meaning attached to it?
At first, it was kind of a joke for me. I've always find funny the little shops in the 90’s who were called « Fleurs2000 » for exemple. It’s a bit the future of the past. And it find an echo in me because I enjoy the old music as much.

- What do you think about the music scene in Fribourg?
I moved recently to Fribourg because I have the feeling that this town is very interesting for the musicians and the artists in general. The people here are nice and very invested in cultural activities. It’s a small town but a quite prolific place. The life is less expensive than where I used to live before so it’s a bit easier to devote time for the music.

- You are involved in quite a lot of bands/projects. Can you tell us a bit more about them?
We are working on new songs with my main band « Adieu Gary Cooper ». I’m very attached to this projet and I’m glad to release new things with it. 
Azur3000 is a trio with Laure Betris (Kassette, Hex, Horizon Liquide) and Léonard De Murlat (Château Guetto) which is more a concept than a traditional band and it’s interesting for me to approach such a different way to make music. With « Perrine3000 », they’re the 3 projects I have for the moment.

Text and Interview: Cláudia Zafre
Bands: Reverberation Club and Perrine3000