BLUE NOISE – Everyone Goes away Eventually Music can be agressive and beautiful at the same time. It can deal with the most hidden de...

Zegema Records: The Lights and Shadows of June

BLUE NOISEEveryone Goes away Eventually

Music can be agressive and beautiful at the same time. It can deal with the most hidden demons of our shadow self and by recognizing them we can afford some clarity and peace, for there can be no light without shadows.

Blue Noise is the solo project of Maya Chun, who has spent considerable time with other bands and projects such as Youth Novel, Bonzo, Death Flags, Vampires, Bonglord, The Virgin Spring and a few others.

After two demo tapes, this is the first LP by Blue Noise and one that is granted to cause more than a few ripples in the alternative music scene. Maya Chun manages to combine the violent ambiance of black-metal, the emotional energy of post-hardcore and the fierceness of screamo. The end result is a wrecking ball of huge proportions. There is a well thought out balance between agressiveness and introspection, with brazen vocals harmonized with calm passages and even some catchy riffing as in the songs, Regression and Everyone goes away eventually.

It’s a strong and fascinating debut for those who want their extreme music laced with emotions and sensitivity.


Screamo and post-rock can go hand in hand these days, as well as politically-inclined lyrics that match the beauty and boldness of screamo’s sonic attributes. This Split features two french bands that bring social and political consciousness to the table.

Yarostan hails from Marseille in France and their name comes from the novel, Letters of Insurgents, published in 1976 and writen by Fredy and Lorraine Perlman. It’s a novel about two lovers with libertarian ideals who find themselves on opposites sides of the iron curtain during the 60’s.

The name serves as inspiration but also as a ideological background and inspiration for the anti-authoritatian lyrics that the band harmonizes in seemingly chaotic but complex melodies.

Yarostan weaves a delicate but high-strung web of post-rock instrumental sensitivity and fire blazing post-hardcore that entrap us in a web of delightful and ferocious melodies like in the song Nous contre nous.

The second part of the split is assured by Aleska a band from Metz/Lorraine in France and comprised of members from outfits such as Shall Not Kill, Esteban and Dead for a minute.

In the 8 songs by Aleska there is a careful balance between screamo and post-hardcore with the more atmospheric and instrumental passages reminiscent of bands like Fall Of Efrafa and Burst.

The lyrics also graze the terrain of the anti-authoritarian, however they appeal to a more introspective stance to attain freedom, our place as irreplaceable individuals in a society that wants to obliterate any trace of individual thought. The rebellion is within oneself to battle and find his or her way in society while maintaning his/her core values.

The songs demonstrate a clear talent to mix scremo and post-hardcore, the boldness of screamo and the pensive reflections of post-hardcore that boil altogether in melodies that have as much chaotic energy as melancholic sensitivity. There are well structured compositions and some of them cloak on 7 or 9 minutes, so there is a progressive quality that gives the songs time to breathe, evolve and contruct their own narratives.

Two talented french bands make this split an authentic pièce de résistance for those that like their screamo and post-hardcore with a sharp erudite edge.


This split unites two countries, Italy and USA. Shizune is a five piece band from Vicenza in Italy and Lytic is a two piece from NYC featuring members from Off Minor and Saetia.

Shizune sets the trail ablaze with two songs mixing punk, hardcore and screamo in a classic sounding way that may be reminiscent of bands like La Quiete. It’s classic and flawless with main and chorus vocals that brighten up the guitar riffs that appear straight-forward but are played with almost math-core precision and technicity.

Lytic manages to be both technical and emotional, with complex and technical guitar layers that explode into fiery chorus with inflamed vocals. They present three songs short in duration but that are whole in intensity and fervor. A classic approach to screamo with some mathy and emoviolence tinges make up their participation on the split.

A classic sounding split that highlights the euro-sounding type of screamo and the screamo emo-violence approach from the states.

All the records are available at Zegema Beach's bandcamp and online store.