JAZZBRUNCH - Jazzbrunch Music is a dynamic and vivacious creature, one whose evolution and motions do not cease to amaze us. In or...

Zegema Records: The Crushing Sounds of August

JAZZBRUNCH - Jazzbrunch

Music is a dynamic and vivacious creature, one whose evolution and motions do not cease to amaze us. In or out of every genre there are myriads of bands, projects, musicians, artists of every kind and temperament, so it’s always refreshing when we encounter a new and fresh project that encompasses originality, creativity and tons of emotion. Such is the case with Jazzbruch, a newly formed project from Sweden with members from several outfits like Vi Som Alskade, Varandra Sa Mycket and Totem Skin. 

The EP features two songs, Idiocracy and An Invitation to an Enormous Disappointment and they are absolutely colossal and beautiful. 

Idiocracy starts us off with a languished echoed guitar and some powerful riffs that tease us to what comes next and that is total demolition. With vocals that sound like some vengeful and wrecked spirit from the ether and a brazen but haunting piano, the melody takes its turns without being the least bit predictable. The song also has an official videoclip that is extremely interesting and with a home-made movie kind of aesthetics.

An Invitation to an Enormous Disappointment surprises us with a light vibe at the beginning before evolving into something much more omnious.

It’s rather hard to classify the band. It’s a sound that mixes in post-metal, post-hardcore and screamo and their obvious and not so obvious influences creating a sound that makes the EP as intriguing as it is dark and powerful. 

We want to hear more from Jazzbrunch


Some sonic landscapes can transport us to other places and realities, that can be mysterious, beautiful but at the same time crushing and menacing at times. In comes Tröpical Ice Land to give us a ride that is haunting, cinematic and energetic. The band from Spain comes in full force with their fourth LP packing six songs that are as diverse as they are captivating.

The harmony, melancholy and cinematographic qualities of post-rock intertwine beautifully with the edgier and raw side of screamo, creating a blend of sound that is delicate and brutal at the same time. 

It has the quality to crush us and make us be born anew amidst the ruins and chaos of our former wasted emotions. It’s the perfect soundtrack for these summer days when you can feel a bit melancholic but, in a way, still hopeful for a better tomorrow.

CARRION SPRING – Carrion Spring

The chemistry between hardcore and screamo has been for years a very powerful one and one proof of that is Carrion Spring that released their last LP, also titled Carrion Spring. Formed in 2008, the band have an extensive and rich career and its members with experience in other bands such as Kidcrash, Wild Guess and Said Goner.

The LP is filled with thirteen songs that are delicately woven together by acoustic and other interludes. Times of quiet mixed with disquiet are crafted perfectly all along the record. 

There are a couple of standouts like False Dichotomy (Fuck the Bourgeoisie) with its serpentine riffing and gutsy vocals. God Damage and International Adult Conspiracy are very energic tracks that can cause a severe case of headbanging. 

A very cohesive release that will please hardcore and screamo fans alike. 

All the records are available at Zegema Beach's bandcamp and online store.